Pokemon Double Ultra Rare Mystery Pack

Pokemon Double Ultra Rare Mystery Pack

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These mystery pack are great as gifts, or if you just want to open up a pack without gambling on whether or not you're actually going to get anything shiny! We have specials for anyone looking to order a large quantity for a party. For more information contact us at CtonactUs@TabletopVillage.com

Each Pack Contains:

  • 1x PTCG Random Pokemon ULTRA RARE(GX, EX, Full Art, BREAK)
  • 1x Gauranteed PTCG ULTRA RARE(GX, EX, Trainer) in Full Art or higher rarity
  • 6x PTCG Random commons and uncommons
Cards vary by pack. You are guaranteed to receive 2 random Pokemon ULTRA RARE(GX, EX, Full Art, BREAK) card, and any combination of 6 commons and/or uncommons in each Mystery Pack. There should be no repeats, basic energy, or foreign cards in any single mystery pack. As this is a mystery pack you could receive any single Pokemon GX, Ultra rare etc, or commons and uncommons. Please contact us if you have any questions. 
    PSA: Cards generally vary from NM to LP, but conditions for cards from older sets like jungle and base can be Heavily Played. This is a mystery pack; you are not guaranteed any specific Ultra Rare pokemon, uncommon, or common. Cards can be from any set.

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