FAB: Outsiders Pre-release Event

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Legend Story Studios is proud to announce the release of Outsiders - the latest booster set for Flesh and Blood - releasing 24 March! Outsiders takes Flesh and Blood down into the Pits, the sprawling web of underground caverns and canals, home to all manner of backstabbing and skullduggery.

Outsiders will support both constructed and limited play, and as such we are once again running a weekend of  Outsiders Pre-release events from 17-20 March 2023!

What are Pre-release events?
Pre-release provides players with the opportunity to experience a new set before it is available to the public in their local game store. All events are in-person events, there will be no online events for this series.

What is the Format for Pre-release?
Outsiders Sealed Deck is the format for this event.


Entry Fee: $30

Event Date: March 17th @ 6:30pm