Pokemon Half Holo/Reverse Holo and Half Rare Mystery Packs

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Each Pack Contains:

  • 5x PTCG Random Rare
  • 5x PTCG Random Holo/Reverse Holo(Ranges from common to rare)
    • In the 5x PTCG Random Holo/Reverse you're guaranteed to get 2 Holo rares! (This change made possible brought you by feedback from PrimetimePokemon)

    You are guaranteed to receive 5 random non foil rares and 5 Holo/Reverse Holo from common to rare in each Repack. There should be no repeats, basic energy, or foreign cards in any single repack. As this is a repack you could receive any single rare, any combination of a holo cards.
    Please contact us if you have any questions as we check messages several times a day. 

      PSA: Cards generally vary from NM to LP, but conditions for cards from older sets like jungle and base can be Heavily Played. This is a repack; you are not guaranteed any specific rare, or holo/reverse holo. Cards can be from any set.

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