Re-ment Pokemon: Lineup! Connect! Nakayoshi Friends Vol.2 Cozy Afternoon

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Friendships Beginning a Top a Log!

Recreate warm Pokemon filled atmospheres with the Re-ment set: "Lineup! Connect! Nakayoshi Friends Vol.2 Cozy Afternoon"

1. Pikachu & Togepi
2. Pachirisu
3. Torchic
4. Taillow & Pidgey & Pidove
5. Jigglypuff & Igglybuff
6. Jumpluff & Hoppip & Skiploom

Blind Box you will receive one of the figures.

Order 6 and receive a sealed display box.  


Customer Reviews

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Mikayla P.
Will Visit Again!

Loved the product, there’s a display right when you walk in that immediately drew up to these! Friendly staff, all around good energy, we’re from out of town but defo on our stop list next time we’re in the area!