I Wanna Tabletop! 3on3 Case Tournament

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Sign up here: https://forms.gle/jrfB7ym8Ro6LMyxBA

Event Details
  • Saturday 3/30
  • 5:15 - 5:45PM Check-in
  • 6PM Start
  • $90 Entry ($30/Teammate)
  • Offline
  • Three-player teams
  • OP06 Constructed
  • Qualifying Matches: Best-of-one games with 35-minute matches and 5 minutes overtime.
  • Top Cut: Top 4 Cut (tiebreakers by total games won)
  • Each team will be assigned numbers (1), (2), and (3) upon registering.
    Please register before the event check-in, as these numbers will be used for matchups.
  • Matches will begin for all three team members simultaneously.
    • A match with an opposing team will end when all team members have finished playing.
  • Decks used on the day of the tournament cannot be changed. Deck swapping between team members is also prohibited.
  • Team members cannot use Leader cards with identical card numbers. However, team members may use non-Leader cards with identical card numbers.
  • You may only participate in the tournament with the team members you applied with.
  • Team members sitting next to each other are allowed to give advice. Players cannot stand up or talk to members sitting apart.
  • 1st Place - 3 Booster Boxes 
  • 2nd Place - 2 Booster Boxes
  • Top 4 - 1.5 Booster Boxes
  • Top 8 - 1 Booster Box