Meet Our Professors

Dedicated to bringing people fun and engaging experiences, our Pokemon Professors are responsible for many of our services!

Our Professors

Owen Xia (after-school program/camps/coaching)

Professor Owen

If you’ve come around on Family Day Sunday or attended one of our Summer/Winter Camps, you might have seen Owen teaching kids how to play! He has a huge passion for community building and creating an inclusive space for everyone.

Cameron Shenoy (after-school program/coaching)

Cameron Shenoy

Cameron Shenoy has been playing the Pokemon TCG since 2017, and has competed in various card games since 2008. With a passion for deckbuilding, he has worked with friends on several unique deck ideas that have resulted in top placements at major events for himself and others. We cannot wait to see what Cameron cooks up for 2023-2024 season and beyond!

Elliot Gantner (camps/coaching)


Starting his journey in 2011, Elliot is a long-time Pokemon competitor and enthusiast (aka nerd) of the game. You may remember him from the Summer and Winter camps! We're truly lucky to have such an incredible player with so much experience.


Lucy Yang (judge)

Lucy Yang

A seasoned Pokémon Professor, Lucy started her first Pokémon League in 2014 and has run hundreds of local TCG and VG events since. She also staffs large events such as Pokémon Regional Championships and International Championships, traveling from coast-to-coast as well as overseas. Her recent appointments include Head Judge of the TCG Junior Division at the 2023 North America International Championships (NAIC) and at the 2023 World Championships in Yokohama. When she's not traveling for Pokémon or for business, Lucy enjoys Japanese sword martial arts and being at home with her pets (one cat and one 4-foot aquarium.)

Royce Mapes (judge)

Royce has been a player/professor since 2012, playing in tournaments as a competitor before shifting to staffing and judging. With his favorite Pokémon, Shuckle, by his side, Royce has staffed many events over the years from locals, to regionals, to even NAIC! He enjoys Seattle sports teams and has a passion for engineering as well.