Grand Archive TCG

Grand Archive TCG:

-A new TCG that has been in the design stage for over a couple of years at this point, found success on Kickstarter ($947,400 among 1,539 backers).

-Combines the art of anime-style TCGs with western game design.  Emphasis on interface clarity, low stat numbers, and easy-to-understand rules text.

-Promotes in-store and event play with an easy-to-learn, well-balanced card game, while providing many opportunities for collectors to seek multiple styles of chase rares.

-The game itself focuses on a Champion system, where each deck is led by a specific Champion who determines how players build their decks, with the goal of defeating your opponent’s champion determining who wins or loses.


Dawn of Ashes: (Launch Trailer: )

-RELEASES April 28th, 2023 

-The first official set release for Grand Archive

-Features a reimagined Arthurian legend theme

-Contains 277 unique cards and 266 foil variations (114C | 72U | 54R | 32SR | 5UR | 4CSR)

-Features two types of boosters, First Edition (Kickstarter exclusive) and Alter Edition (Distribution).

-The Alter Edition will feature 4 Collector Super Rares (CSR) featuring alternate art of the four non-starter box Champions, along with 18 different cards in the set having alternate art.  More information on the difference between Alter Edition and First Edition can be found here:

-Has an organized play program ready for release, with event kits available for Brick & Mortar stores, with each kit able to support up to 4 8-player events. (