Bulk Submission

How to trade or sell your bulk cards

Got too many cards? Bring your near-mint bulk cards to the store and we will buy them from you!

We purchase bulk at the following rates

Rarity Each
Common/Uncommon/Trainer $0.005
Rare, Radiant, Holo, Reverse Holo $0.03
Amazing, Trainer Gallery, Baby Shiny $0.25
EX & GX $0.50
V $0.50
VSTAR & VMAX $0.75
Full Art $0.50
Secret, Rainbow, Gold $2.00


How to sell your bulk

  • Separate your bulk into piles at each price point
  • Count out the size of each pile
  • Bring it to our storefront!

Payouts over $100 USD will be done through Venmo, PayPal or Zelle.