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Pokémon Club

Our Program

The program is designed to create a community space in the classroom with the game being the primary form of socialization. Our professors have prepared a series of lessons centered around how to collect and play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The children will enjoy some casual tournament play with prizing as well.

  • We provide all the materials necessary for the program (no materials required)
  • We support classrooms of 8 to 18 students
  • Our sessions are 90 minutes long
  • We support grades 2 through 5

We've run comprehensive enrichment programs at these schools, with an average attendance of 17.4 students (Winter 2024):

  • Adams Elementary
  • Alki Elementary
  • Arbor Heights Elementary
  • Bertschi School
  • Catharine Blaine K-8
  • Fairmount Park Elementary
  • Gatewood Elementary
  • Genesee Hill Elementary
  • Lafayette Elementary
  • Lawton Elementary
  • Magnolia Elementary
  • John Stanford International School
  • St. Benedict Catholic School
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Wedgwood Elementary

For more information about Pokémon Club, please contact:
Owen Xia


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