Why Play Pokémon?

Games play such an incredible role in the development of children and their socialization. It’s often their first experience developing connections with others. When children play in-person games, they are presented with the question “who am I when I win and who am I when I lose?”. We believe that presenting children with that question allows them to learn how to compete with humility and connect with others.

Brian and Cyrus

Within Tabletop Village, we have a tightly-knit community of parents and children–children we’ve seen develop confidence and lifelong friendships. We practice together, we travel together, and we celebrate together. We’ve seen families grow closer, seen children win International Championships and we’ve all learned how to contribute to our shared community space.

The Tabletop Village at North America International Championships 2023

Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for fostering the emotional and social development of children through playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game.